Monday, January 25, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

A few thoughts and observations over the past week or so.

About guests:
- Tip.  Please, when in doubt: tip.  In fact, if you can afford to vacation in ritzy places you can afford to spare a few dollars for the underpaid waitress, bellhop, or driver
- Please, please pack light.  A 21 person ski club came and we couldn't figure out what on earth they brought.  But we dutifully stacked their luggage on top of the coach until the pile was as tall as I am.  Imagine a body-bag size duffle, smaller duffle, a cooler of alcohol, a pair of skiis, and a pair of snowshoes for each person.  I found out later they came to the lodge and went snowmobiling.  That's some kind of ski club.

About driving:
- There is no time to use the restroom when you're the driver.  When I drop off the guests to use the facilities I go get gas and by the time I'm back they are ready to go.  Probably wouldn't make much of a difference.  I'm amazed how long I can hold it when the temperature is -11.  I'd be worried that if I sat on that cold, cold toilet seat I might stick like a tongue to a flagpole.
- Speaking of gas, one day this week I drove 100 miles and put in 43 gallons of gas.  That means about 2.33 miles per gallon.
- My boss called me Carl on the radio.  Every driver in the park heard.  No wonder I never feel like a girl here.
- Meet "Turd Girl".  That's what 50 California retirees know me as.  We were wolf watching and I took the opportunity to show them what we can learn about wolves by looking at their scat.  So I picked up a frozen piece and they guests couldn't believe it.  Whenever I walked through the lobby in the days that followed they all cried out, "Hi Turd Girl!"  But at least they e-mailed me the picture.

About Life Here:
- I'm flattered, I heard through the grapevine that another Old Faithful employee said about me, "I'll marry her, she's got morals."  Until he found out that I am over 21.  I'm too old. 
- I asked a few coworkers about how they met their girlfriend or wife.  One met his 800 miles into hiking the Appalachian Trail.  The other met her when he tried to race her in their hometown in high school and she beat him off the line.  Then he took her on a shooting date and she showed him up at that.  They've been married for a long time and have grown kids.  Now they are both snowmobile guides. 
- This past week there was a swarm of earthquakes--over 900, but most couldn't be felt.  The strongest was about 3.8.  They are the first earthquakes I have ever felt.  My friend from California kept running to the doorway without even thinking while I was still laying bed trying to remember what one is supposed to do in an earthquake.  I vaguely remember something about crawling under your desk. 

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Carrie said...

Once again, I'm looking for something to do while my data runs through SAS... I was pleasantly surprised to find your new blog post!! It's SO SO good to hear about your life there! Although, Sociology isn't the same without ya Rachel! Every time I sit in my new stats class, I look over at the computer next to me thinking I'll see a recipe of an idea for dinner - I'm always disappointed!!!