Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am Glad for Many Things... especially:
- a hot shower after a cold day
- a space heater in the bathroom right after the shower
- an apartment so small that I can carry said space heater to every single room without ever needing to unplug it
- a down coat
- a down vest
- down mittens
- a down comforter
- hand warmers tucked in each coat pocket
- the toe warmers that stick right to my socks
- the wool socks under the toe warmers
- let's not forget those great boots outside of the package (incidentally, everyone notices and asks me about my boots and I can't figure out why)
- hot chocolate in a thermos when it's o'dark 30 in the morning and cold
- hot tea in the above situation and at any other time
- hot soup in between the cocoa and tea
- the heater in the bus
- I pay homage to radiators in general
- my Rudolph-red long johns (I've never had red underwear before)

And that wonderful stupor that sets in after a long day outside in the cold when all the hot food and drink finally gets me warm--even my toes, nose, and fingertips.  I feel like the little mountain chickadee who lowers its body temperature 20 degrees at night to survive by spending less energy staying warm.  Except that I have a lower body temperature during the daytime and at night I thaw out and come back to beautiful 98.6.

Did I mention that a north wind is blowing and tomorrow's windchill prediction is 20 to 30 below zero?


evieperkins said...

Although I have been for some time a naysayer of the wool sock cult, back packing this summer got me interested, and Christmas break in Idaho got me addicted. I've been rotating through my pairs of wool socks every day or so. I estimate that I wear them 23 1/2 hours a day.

Miss Wesel said...

I am not yet a believer in wool socks, but if I go backpacking again I might feel like I might bring bad luck on me and the trip if I don't wear wool socks. I can't say I envy your cold situation. I think it would make bitter to be that cold. but thank goodness for hot showers.

Carrie said...

That sounds COLD.... I hope you survive the winter!!!

nick cuny said...

i just got back from arizona an utah is super freezing to me right now so i cant imagine how it is up there! also i love wool socks.