Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Everyone Has Days Like These."

I'm spending a week or two in the city taking a wilderness medicine course.  It is strange to be back in a place that was my home for the past few years.  It's much bigger than I remember; its noises seem strange.  I am surprised by how many emotions being here brings to the surface.  It is wonderful to see friends and my sister, but also bittersweet.  The class itself is all-consuming and sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed.  I'm sure that these factors influenced the following chain of events.

6:30 am My alarm beeps and I roll in my sleeping bag to turn it off.  I'm staying with a few previous roommates, but today I'm relocating to a different place.  The day before was 13 hours of class, another bittersweet social call, and not enough sleep.

7:15 After snitching a bowl of someone's cereal I load all my stuff in the car and drive off with my hand drawn map to my new three day home.  The goal: park the car out front and catch a bus to campus.  I'm running late.

7:27 I park the car, run to the bus, and it drives off leaving me in a cloud of toxic fumes.  I choke back tears.  I have a firm policy not to run for or cry over public transit (I had a bad experience).

7:32 I chase the bus trying to get in front, park, and then hop on board.  I try, but miss it again.

7:39 I give up the leapfrog technique and just follow the bus to campus looking for a place to park where I won't get a ticket.

7:45 I find a place to park only a 30 minute walk from my class which starts at 8.  I shoulder my large backpack full of stuff for the woods and start off through the falling snow.

7:52 I convince a university shuttle to pick me up and drop me off a little closer, even though it isn't part of his route.

7:57 The shuttle drops me off. I run across an intersection and almost get hit by a car.

7:58 I choke back tears again.

7:59 I walk into the building and take my seat in class.

8:00 A slideshow with pictures of dislocations and bloody lacerations begins.

I think I'll be okay.  Tomorrow is another day.


Meg said...

Just move to Australia. It fixes everything, or so Alexander said in his book. :)

Miss Wesel said...

I can't believe you were leap frogging it. I am also amazed by the audacity of asking the shuttle for assistance. Sounds stressful.

Carrie said...

I had a nice time getting to visit with you while you were in the city!!! Did you know the "E" parking lot where they have the "tailgate" parties for the football games has a $1 parking pay machine? It's only a dollar for a whole day! I think it might be worth it to you.... :) Good luck!!!