Friday, July 8, 2011

"June is Bustin' Out All Over"

There's something funny about Gardiner, marmots, mountains, and the kinds of pictures that I find on my camera at the end of the month.  I can think of nothing deep and profound about the following images, but they seem to represent the strange world that I currently call my life.  All I can really say in my defense is that despite the many, many pictures I have of marmots I always take more.  Perhaps that is because they are an animal that actually holds still and is close enough for me to take good pictures with my little camera.
This, my friends, is the furry namesake of the outdoor clothing company "Marmot".
Here he is again, looking like he's about to give a speech.
My office has no window; sometimes I get desperate.
This is phlox, it is growing right in a bison footprint.
The local tow truck.
Driving back home on the 4th of July.  Great natural fireworks.  Ignore the bug guts on the windshield.
Talk about saving money on invitations.
The profile is good too.  It's nice to be photogenic from all angles. 
The Gardiner Rodeo is the social event of the summer.
The view from the arena is pretty good too.
Sunset on Electric Peak.
This tail seems like it was borrowed from some other animal.
Sunset in a geyser basin.


Carrie said...

You make me want to come to Yellowstone. :) I love reading your posts!

evieperkins said...

That orange tail must be where Marmot the brand gets signature color.

Miss Wesel said...

I loved your solution to a window. I have lots of windows at my work but sometimes seeing the outside is not enough. Sometimes you also have to feel and smell the outside too.